Planning an excursion for you, we are very flexible. Here you can find maximum programmes, everyone can choose the length and topic that interests them the most. We offer three different excursion routes that are available in Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian and German.

1. From order fort to rococo caste

Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes

We take a close look at Põltsamaa castle, firstly built as an order fort for Germans and see the church, built on former cannon tower. In church, we will find furnishing from preterit Tartu University church and will also see stained glass from Dolores Hoffmann. Rococo can only be seen from photos in the museum.

Price: tour guide 25 €/hour + museum tickets

2. Walk in the King’s town

Length: up to 3 hours
About 1,5 km walking and 3 km bus ride

We meet at Põltsamaa castle and walk through castle park, where we get to know about composer Karl August Hermann at his monument. Next, we will cross River Põltsamaa by narrow bridge called “Teacher’s bridge”. That will take us to parsonage and rose island. We will have a view on the fish gateway, which is named to be the most significant construction in Põltsamaa during this century (built in 2013). At former Leihberg mall, we will talk about sewing the first tricolor and on Veski street, we will see different societal buildings.

Next, monument of War of Independence, local beach and Naistesaar (islet of women) are seen. We pass the manor of New-Põltsamaa and reach Kirikumägi (hill of church). Our only hinging bridge can be seen there. After that it is time to take a bus ride to Friendship park, see sculptures over there and get to know those important people who have planted trees in the park.

We suggest to complete the programme with Põltsamaa Rosegarden – almost 800 different sorts and spices of roses in the garden, with is biggest n the Baltic states, by its assortment, and one of the biggest top10 rose gardens in Europe (see more – www.eestiroos.ee).

Price: tour guide 25 €/hour

3. Põltsamaa parish – ancient Mõhu

Bus excursion with your bus
Length: At least 3 hours
Road: up to 100 km

The territory of Pajusi and Põltsamaa parishes is almost the same as previous Põltsamaa parish, which, in turn, is the same as Mõhu parish once was.

We will meet in Põltsamaa town and will firstly head by Tallinn-Tartu highway to Adavere, where we can see Adavere windmill, manor, manor park and a stone, which marks the place of Central-Estonia.

Next, we shall head to Pajusi to see its manor, park and local beach; by the road, there is a cemetery and chapel of family von Wahl. A nice village of Pisisaare and an old schoolhouse are also on our way. Right before the parish center, Kalana, we stop the bus and go out to see the view of Otissaare hill – the only place in our area where once an ancient fort lied. The view opens up to Kalana mine.

Through Lahavere, we will head to Aidu, where during 1918-1919 attack of Red Army was stopped and the Victory altar of War of Independence reminds us that. It is possible to spend time at Kõpu pounded lake.

Now we turn bus back towards Põltsamaa and visit Lustivere to see imposing manor house in neo-gothic style. In Võhma village, we see the birth place of Karl August Hermann – one of the leaders during Estonian national awakening. Driving through Põltsamaa town, we see what is interesting here and then head to Kaarlimõisa to see Aleksander school building. A few km away, Kamari lake and recreation area with its beach, new bridges, dam fish gateway and beautiful views is located.

Now, we go through the west side of town Põltsamaa and get to know what Kuningamägi (hill of King) is. Finally, we will reach Võisiku manor and Kundrussaare cemetery. And we are back at Põltsamaa town, where it is possible to continue your day with lunch, a walk inside the town or exploring local stores.

Price: tour guide 25 €/hour