Herding trumpet

The first museum in Põltsamaa was situated in the castle and was destroyed in the flames of war along with the church and castle. The herding trumpet made out of silver bark was the most gorgeous showpiece in the museum. The herding trumpet was lent out for a play in the fire station in the year 1940 but was forgotten to bring back to the museum. The castle, church and a big part of the town burned on the 14th of July 1941. Luckily the fire station was mostly untouched by the fire and so the herding trumpet survived. After the war a hobby historian recognized the former museum showpiece, the herding trumpet, amongst other items at the fire station and took it in his possession. He gave the herding trumpet to Kodulootare (a home museum) of Heino Joost in the year 1992. The unique 150-year-old herding trumpet from Umbusi found its rightful place among the showpieces in the Põltsamaa Museum in the year 1997.